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Crunchy Caramel-كرك كراميل

(22 customer reviews)


Caramel Karak

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Crunchy Caramel, The caramel flavour combined with a mixture of our magical ingredients mixed with thick creamy milk to give you a wonderful sugary taste. The Crunchy Caramel capsule is the perfect blend for those with a sweet tooth. From our modern world, we innovated and went to great lengths to please you with this distinctive taste to suit your cravings.

كرانشي كراميل، نكهة الكراميل تتَّحد مع مزيجٍ من مكوناتنا السحرية والممزوجة بالحليب الكريمي الكثيف لتمنحك نكهةَ الكراميل. كبسولة كرانشي كراميل هي المزيج المثالي لذوي الأذواق الحديثة. من عالمنا الحديث، ابتكرنا وانطلقنا لأبعد الحُدود لنترجم هذا الطَعم المميز ليتناغم وأذواقكم.

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22 reviews for Crunchy Caramel-كرك كراميل

  1. Muna Y. (verified owner)

    bhManama, Bahrain

    Like it good drink with cold weather.

  2. Abdulrahman Fares (verified owner)

    bhnull, Bahrain

  3. Ali Barni (verified owner)

    bhManama, Bahrain

  4. Sayed Mohammed Al Saffar (verified owner)

    bhManama, Bahrain

  5. Ali Saleh (verified owner)

    bhManama, Bahrain

  6. Rashid (verified owner)


  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    bhManama, Bahrain

  8. Muna (verified owner)

    bhManama, Bahrain

  9. Ebrahim Awachi (verified owner)

  10. Bayan Jameel (verified owner)

  11. Moneera (verified owner)

  12. Ali HUSSAIN ALLAWI (verified owner)

  13. Mohammed Al Hayki (verified owner)

  14. Fatema Ali (verified owner)

  15. May Khalifa (verified owner)

  16. أمينة (verified owner)

  17. Fatema Ali (verified owner)

  18. Ebrahim Awachi (verified owner)

  19. Hessa (verified owner)

  20. Kadhem Ali (verified owner)

  21. Mohamed Jaffar (verified owner)

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

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